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These three things could ease the opiate epidemic right now

As was reported by the Bangor Daily News, a week ago the Maine Opiate Collaborative unveiled its final report on the recommendations it was making to fight the opiate crisis in Maine.  The Maine Opiate Collaborative consists of three task forces, law enforcement, treatment, and prevention, that were convened by U.S. Attorney Thomas Delahanty after […]

Marijuana legalization supporters attempt to silence opposition through intimidation and stigma

The other Bangor Daily News blog that writes about marijuana, Cannabis Today, published an article bemoaning “simplistic rhetoric.” In her article, Wellness Connection’s Becky DeKeuster takes issue with Representative Deborah Sanderson’s reference to the potential Wal-Martization of the marijuana industry in Maine. Wellness Connection, which runs half of Maine’s dispensaries, takes issue with that label. More […]

Social stigma and substance use: Why language matters

Today I am once again turning over Smart Approaches to guest columnist Alison Jones Webb who has a great article on social stigma and substance use. Research shows that one reason people with addiction don’t seek treatment is the shame they feel about their condition. The shame springs, in part, from the social disgrace associated with […]