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These three things could ease the opiate epidemic right now

As was reported by the Bangor Daily News, a week ago the Maine Opiate Collaborative unveiled its final report on the recommendations it was making to fight the opiate crisis in Maine.  The Maine Opiate Collaborative consists of three task forces, law enforcement, treatment, and prevention, that were convened by U.S. Attorney Thomas Delahanty after […]

New poll shows Maine marijuana initiative is losing support

The Bangor Daily News reported late last night that a new Critical Insights poll conducted this past march showed 55% of respondents, a mix of registered voters and likely voters, favored legalizing marijuana.  The questions regarding marijuana legalization in the poll were funded by the Marijuana Policy Project, in other words, the marijuana industry.  As I […]

The failed promises of marijuana legalization, cautionary tales for Maine

BDN File

If you’ve been following this column, and my comment section and page visits makes clear many of you are, you know I’ve written extensively about the failure of marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington.  Well, this week has seen multiple stories highlighting yet more negative consequences from legalization along with failed promises from legalization advocates. […]