Monthly Archives: June 2015

Marijuana Had A Really Bad Week

Last week was a pretty epic week for America in terms of civil rights and healthcare.  But, if you were someone trying to push marijuana legalization in Maine, you had a pretty bad week. There was this new report which indicates most of the conditions for which medical marijuana has been approved lack rigorous science to […]

Colorado Adult Marijuana Use Now Almost Double the National Average

So there was some pretty big, but sadly unsurprising news coming out of Colorado yesterday.  It was reported that a new statewide survey funded by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment found that 13.6% of adults in Colorado are regular users of marijuana.  This is almost double the national rate of 7.4%.  Denver, […]

A New Opportunity at Maine’s Disposal to Fight Rx Abuse

Late last month, the Supreme Court took (in)action on an item that could be a potential game changer in the fight to combat prescription drug abuse.  Specifically, the Supreme Court refused to hear a case brought to them challenging an ordinance in Alameda County, California that requires pharmaceutical companies pay for the disposal of unused […]